Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stage 1 IDEAS Jury Winner Announced

The winner of stage 1 is Jessica Mentis, from AUT. The jury saw Jessica's scheme as one that spans time, offering a medieval image of the tower and the contemporary image of the city as being threaded through with "tweets". The tower changes from acting as a kind of aerial in the convoy, receiving the tweeting signals, to a stage in Shed 12, allowing the audience to climb it and send their own messages out into the tweet-o--sphere. (Click on images to view them at a larger scale).

The jury also awarded a runner up prize to the group Inflatable Lego, (Esther Mecredy, Dylan Kane and Rui Peng) from UofA. This project engages the
audience in building their own architecture from a balloon module. The balloon module has 3 states, a floating state, an air state, and a weighty water state. The balloon modules can also be rotated to activate different lighting effects.

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