Thursday, August 20, 2009

Holmes Consulting Group prize winner

Space-book, from Unitec, have won the Holmes Consulting Group engineering award. Hamish and Chris from HCG will meet the team (Haosu Zheng, Erxin Shang, Yuan He, Stephanie Wade and Nicole Yalevich) for a project briefing. They will then assist them in designing the structural components of their project. In looking through the final four projects Hamish and Chris were excited about the potential this project offered in terms of finding workable solutions to the folding components. Many thanks to HCG for this prize and their support of the TRANS-FORM-ers competition.

Space-book statement:
Our focus is on the transformative aspect of the project. We are trying to
transform simple flat surfaces into unexpected, complex and interesting 3D
spaces, while at the same time giving the space within a unique architectural quality. The transformation involves movement of horizontal and vertical planks of laminated cardboard to create an illusion of curves, the key to success is a well designed joint that allows for smooth movement. The end result that we are aiming for is finely detailed craftsmanship and a well built project to showcase the spatial experience of our transformative architecture.

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