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mobile architectures between interior and exterior
Auckland Architecture Week 09 competition

Movement and migration are pressing themes of contemporary life. Whether driven by political and economic necessity or resulting from a surplus of leisure time, people are more globally mobile than ever before. How might design, architecture and art respond to this relentless fluidity of people, capital, data, ideas and commodity goods? As the global financial crisis of late 2008 unfolds this competition might address the implications for contemporary mobility.

TRANS-FORM-ERS invites students to fabricate “mobile architectures”. These will take part in a convoy that will move through Auckland city, creating a public spectacle and rousing curiosity. On arrival at the Architecture Week venue, Shed 12, your project will undergo transformation, revealing an interior, to be exhibited and experienced as part of the Architecture Week Pecha Kucha evening.

The “mobile architecture” projects in this competition will examine the relationship between exterior and interior through transformative actions. The provocative potential of your project may recall a state of flux, even limbo, the contemporary condition for many of the globe’s inhabitants. Your proposal may celebrate individuality, public expression and diversity in the manner of a masquerade. And, as with the masquerade, deception and surprise can be strategic provocations. They goad responses by promoting the unexpected and unpredictable. Provocations can disturb or confound. Sometimes they are simply absurd.

This is a two-stage competition.

This part of the competition is for proposals. In this part of the competition you will present your project to a special guest jury, who will short list then select a winning project. The winning
TRANS-FORM-ERS project will receive support for further design and fabrication, including cash and specialist consultancy services.

Monday 10th August, registration for Stage 1 between 9:00-11:00am, jury commences 1:00pm
Venue: Fale Pasifika, Wynyard Street, The University of Auckland
Presentation time limit: each project has 3 minutes (including showing any animation or slides)
Format: digital presentations, A0 poster, models (supply own plinth or stand)
Jury: Sue Evans (Design manager CBD projects Auckland City), Jun Tsujimoto (Jasmax and wikicity project), Tracey Collins (designer and artist), Christina van Bohemen, Architect/Director, Chair, New Zealand Institute of Architects, Auckland Branch, Nick Stevens, Director Stevens Lawson, Jim Speers, Artist.
Prizes: The winning project at this stage will receive a substantial development prize to aid with project fabrication.

This part of the competition is for completed
TRANS-FORM-ERS projects. In this part of the competition you will convoy your fully fabricated project, with all other entries, to Shed 12, along a pre-determined route, then transform your project, in public view. While the Architecture Week Pecha Kucha is taking place the public will experience your projects and vote for the winners, with prizes awarded at the end of the evening.

Deadline: Friday 16th October. Convoy will congregate at 4:30pm, further details on meeting place and route will be published on this website.

TRANS-FORM-ERS stage 2 competition regulations:
contestants are responsible for the following:
  • All entries at stage 2 must register by 4pm Friday 2 October. Registration forms will be available from this website from September.
  • Projects must be self powered (there is no power available for projects on the site
  • Maximum height when installed at Shed 12 is: TBC/ Kathy to confirm
  • Maximum footprint when installed at Shed 12 is: TBC/ Kathy to confirm
  • For entry to site projects and vehicles must be able to pass through the door of 4.5x4.5m (see post on this)
  • The project may not attach to the venue building fabric or structure in any way.
  • Projects must comply with all road use regulations. Consult the guide to safe loading and towing. Refer to:
  • All vehicles must be driven to and from site by fully and appropriately licensed drivers
  • All drivers and passengers must obey road regulations while in transit.
  • It is the responsibility of the contestants to ensure that the fabrication, transport (to and from the event) and performance of the project does not in any way break any laws or bylaws.
  • The project must be removed from the site by midnight on 16 October.
  • It is the responsibility of the contestants to ensure that waste or detritus are not left at the site
  • No use of fireworks or any other incendiary devices
  • If using a generator on your vehicle you must register make and model on the registration form.

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